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LADY LAMB / Tender Warriors Club CST
On her latest release, Lady Lamb strips her sound down to the bare bones. Layering guitars, banjo, and her singular voice, Aly Spaltro's songs stand front and center, intimate and powerful. Aly describes, "Tender Warriors Club is ... meant to serve as an emblematic space for people to relate in the shared interest of emotional vulnerability ... a reminder to both myself and others to find the courage to remain sensitive through emotional challenges."
"Soaring, raw, heart rending" - Popshifter
$10 + s&h
15% of sales donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
TYPHOON / White Lighter CST
Since 2005, the collaborators and friends that make up Typhoon have rallied around Kyle Morton's singular voice and dark, catchy songs about death. White Lighter is Typhoon's second full-length, and a true realization of the eleven-piece band's sound, honed over almost a decade on the road.
"Entrancing, serving as both warning and celebration of mortality" - Paste
$8 + s&h
With her voice, a clarinet, a glockenspiel, and a loop pedal, Holland Andrews of Like a Villain weaves haunting faerie tales of songs, capable of ethereal beauty and deafening, cathartic discord. Over the past few years, Andrews has established herself as one of the Northwest's most daring and captivating performers.
"Great, big sonic constructs that crash through your expectations of what music is supposed to be" - Willamette Week
$8 + s&h

After is the second album by Aly Spaltro's Lady Lamb, lilting between sleepy back-porch country and thick fuzzy garage rock, soaked in sun-shine spring reverb. The perfect soundtrack for summer drives and emotional breakdowns.
"Soars high, making jangly folk-pop into something anthemic" - Stereogum
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LADY LAMB / Ripely Pine CST
Aly Spaltro, AKA Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, is one of the finest American songwriters at work today. Her songs roll and breathe with unshakable vivacity; her lyrics, at once blunt and surreal, cut to the heart.
"One of the most nourishing, deeply alive records of [the] year" - Pitchfork
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